Donal O'Sullivan

Be Great

Be great, be who you are,

You were born to shine your light.

Be great, travel far,

You know you'll get it right.

Be great, don't compromise,

You know your perfect path.

Be great and realise,

The dream that's in your heart.

Be great, though you're afraid,

And take one tiny step.

Be great, you'll be ok,

The Universe will help.

I know it's been a long time coming,

And it's hard to hang onto your faith.

The road ahead is paved with disappointments,

But each one leads you up to that gate.

Be great, just look within,

That's where the answers lie.

Be great, no comfort zone.

The time has come to fly.


The Good Stuff

Open your heart, open you mind,

Open your soul, leave your past behind.

Open your eyes, open your ears,

Open your arms, wonder what you'll find.

The good stuff comes flooding on in,

The good stuff comes flooding on in,

Lay down that gun you keep in your head,

No need for that war you wage on yourself.

Ease back on the throttle, let your plane glide,

No need to struggle, you don't have to try.

Bright light it cuts through shadow,

No wrongs, no rights, no tomorrows,

The good stuff comes flooding on in.

So undo the lock, open the door.

Let the love in, that's what loving is for,

And hold out your hand to whatever you see,

Wherever you are is where you're meant to be.

One Beautiful Thing

I stretch my legs on a Saturday,

Dublin city shines.

I find that square called Merrion where paintings

hang in line.

And side by side the artists sit,

Their business cards at hand,

Waiting for the paying customer,

The one who understands.

All human life is on display,

In water char and oil,

From surreal to sentiment,

In hours of love and toil.

There's Louise's simple scene

of children on the sands,

Under Mother's watchful eye

they dance and time it stands.

It's a beautiful thing,

To make a beautiful thing







 All songs copyright Donal O'Sullivan