"Around Ireland on A Six String" was written by accident as I travelled around the country doing my thing. The songs reflect my love of Ireland and the places mentioned. In many ways it felt like the songs were writing themselves as I just simply gazed at the scenery.

One example "The Quiet Man and Me" was written after a visit to Cong in Mayo where the famous old movie was shot. The entire village is like a shrine to John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara and walking around it is like being on the movie set, with a few more cars nowadays of course. A few days after returning home we had a song, and I think it captures the movie in spirit.

Another song "Back to Killarney" reflects the huge connection I feel with that part of Kerry. Every time I go there I feel like I am at home, there is something about the place that strikes a chord (no pun intended) inside me. And every so often I need to go back.

The Wicklow Way is another passion of mine and although I now live in Wicklow it took me years to finally walk its length. The song "Zen and the Wicklow Way" is trying to capture the feeling of peace you feel when you walk in those beautiful hills. A simple form of pilgrimage without a guru in sight.

A particular favourite of mine (are you allowed to have favourite songs of your own?) is "Out at Inis Mor" which was written after a magical day on the "stony old rock". To be out  at the cliffs on Inis Mor is really like being at the edge of the world. I really suggest you try it.

So I hope my little album brings listeners some of the essence of this beautiful green country. I certainly enjoyed visiting places I love and should visit even more.