Donal O'Sullivan

Irish Singer/Songwriter Donal O'Sullivan has been playing gigs/making music for over thirty years and has released four solo albums of his own material, plus an album recorded with his band, The High Ground, in the 1990s. The albums and songs reflect Donal's journey through life and his interest in people.

This interest in people (and desire to help others on their life journey) led Donal to record "Be Great, Lessons from Life" in 2016, an album inspired by his training as a Life Coach! "Be Great" has been described as "Uplifting and thought-provoking" and "A unique combination of inspiring words/beautiful music" so maybe you should check it out!

Musically Donal's material varies from Folk/Acoustic to Pop/Rock with a hint of Country thrown in and features an array of Irish Talent including Gavin Glass, Anto Drennan, The Donal Kirk Band, Robbie Overson, Colm Jones, not to mention The High Ground.

Donal's albums are available on iTunes/Spotify and at most other digital outlets, here are the iTunes links:

....some music industry quotes...

"Gyrated like a cross between Springsteen & George Michael"

"Radio Friendly Rock, Sting meets Garth Brooks"

"Everything from John Hiatt To REM"

"A consumate entertainer"

"A set chock full of highlights" 


Donal on:


"There is nothing I enjoy more than being creative. To come out of a room with something new where nothing existed before is a wonderful thing, and always a surprise. I never really know where songs come from and maybe it's best that I don't! I do know one thing; the best material seems to take the least effort, as if you were just plucking (no pun intended) something out of the air. The buzz of that moment of creation is why I love writing songs."


"I love The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Rea and loads of other artists. My taste varies greatly from Rock and Roll to acoustic to pop. On the writing side I have to mention Kate Bush who seems to know no boundaries musically or with her lyrics, an inspirational artist."

BGreat.....A "Self-Help" Album

"I started writing new songs as soon as I started training as a life coach. I didn't realise it at the time but I was going through a "Life Changing" period of my own life and now my songs were different. I hate to say it but suddenly I was in the middle of a "concept" album, the concept being that maybe we can all be great and maybe my humble songs can give a few grains of hope or help to those who need it.

So "Be Great" is part album/part "Self Help" project and the songs are the main thing, the songs and the lessons from life that inspired them. I really like the intimate feel of this album, and the "warts and all" nature of it. It is me, good or bad!" 




 Listen below to Sullivan with Karl Doyle and Colm Jones

Live on East Coast FM, June 10th 2011


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